Grunion Run

Don’t Miss the Grunion Run on Oceanside Beaches!

Oceanside is the perfect place to witness the fascinating natural phenomenon known as the Grunion Run, a spectacle that takes place during the spring and summer seasons. Learn what days and times you are most likely to witness the thousands of grunion’s swimming up our shores to spawn on the beach, as well as some fun facts about these fascinating fish and what you need to know before you go to see the Grunion Run.

Ocean Fishing Reels

Oceanside Fishing I What’s On The Hook?

The waters surrounding Oceanside Harbor are home to a wide variety of fish in the fall – from bottom feeders occupying the ocean’s floors, to migrating species passing through on their way to cooler temperatures.   Recently, we were lucky enough to speak with Richard Green, an Oceanside Harbor employee, part-time boat charter deckhand, and full-time