Welcome to Oceanside, California

Oceanside is Southern California’s most authentic beach town. Visitors to our beautiful city enjoy a quintessential California coastal escape that includes wide sandy beaches, a quaint New England-style harbor, historic wooden pier, and charming bungalow neighborhoods. O’side (as locals affectionately call it) is a destination of discovery where visitors can explore everything from California history at the “King of Missions” to surf culture at the California Surf Museum, and awe-inspiring sea life through exciting ocean adventures.

As a playful, fun, and diverse destination we value personal expression and originality, inviting locals and visitors to let loose and Respect the O’riginals. O’siders take adventure to the next level by surfing, skateboarding, bike riding, boating and even skydiving. We push culinary experiences to the limits with a flourishing food and craft beer scene reflecting Oceanside’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Classically charming, eclectic, and always genuine, Oceanside is an ideal place to stay and a true o’riginal.

Perfectly situated between metropolitan San Diego and Los Angeles, Oceanside is centrally located in the heart of Southern California, in close proximity to the family-favorite attractions including LEGOLAND California Resort, SeaWorld San Diego, Disneyland California Resort, and the world-famous San Diego Zoo. With its year round sunny climate, and average temperature of 70 degrees, Oceanside’s weather has been rated by USA Today as the second most ideal climate in the United States, and the fifth most ideal weather in the world.

O'riginal O'siders

What makes Oceanside unique amongst the Southern California landscape? It’s the people! Check out the O’riginal O’siders docuseries introducing you to four real people that live and breathe the Oceanside way of life. 

Family Activities

Oceanside has tons of family activities for any age group! From our sandy beaches to our exciting events, you will always find something interesting.
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From fishing on our pier to some fun in the sun on our beautiful beaches, you will never be bored when you visit Oceanside!
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Oceanside is a popular spot for weddings on the beach because of our great weather and perfect sunsets. Click here for wedding information.
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Southern California is a huge craft brew hot spot, and Oceanside is in the center of it all. We have over 9 craft breweries just in Oceanside alone!
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Bike Oceanside

Spend the day outside and explore Oceanside by bicycle! From leisurely coastal cruises to endurance challenges, we have a variety of bike routes for you.
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We have exciting events every week including farmer’s markets, surf competitions, and art walks! Interested in what’s coming up next?
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Discount Tickets

The California Welcome Center-Oceanside sells discounted attraction tickets to the major Southern California attractions including LEGOLAND California and the San Diego Zoo.
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Bucket List

VO Bucket List

From scuba diving and sky diving to deep sea fishing and surfing, Oceanside is full of things for you to scratch off that bucket list!
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