Immerse Yourself in O’side


We are one of California’s first designated cultural districts.

O’riginality is in our DNA

O’side has been keepin’ it real since 1888, and that genuine, o’riginal spirit has long made it a haven for artists, makers, and performers. Through its vibrant murals, world-class museums, street markets, historic landmarks, and eclectic live events, Oceanside weaves together stories of our past, present, and future. Art for everybody, that’s O’side.

Fertile Ground for Creative Expression

We’ve never thought that art only belonged in a museum or that culture had to be highbrow. The creative pulse of O’side draws on multiple influences, from the natural world to our rich history, and is expressed in everything from tattoo artistry to timeless architecture. Click around the map and discover some of our culturally significant landmarks.

Meet a Maker

The founder of small-batch leather-goods brand Rais Case, Julie Rais Ellis is a O’riginal O’sider.

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Cultural Art District

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Designated one of the first cultural districts in California, Oceanside’s eclectic and diverse scene has art for everybody built around historic theaters, monthly art walks, live performance, museums, the Mission San Luis Rey, and thriving community programs.

With its theaters, museums, galleries, and practicing artists, the Oceanside Cultural District is getting a bit of a big deal reputation.

What will you find here? Well, the Oceanside Museum of Art ranks among the most influential regional arts museums in SoCal, while the California Surf Museum connects with nontraditional arts audiences while honoring local history and surf culture. In the district you can explore cultural happenings centered around dance, music, and food. And take in MainStreet Oceanside’s weekly Sunset Market, the top weekly food and music street fair in San Diego County. Tattoo artists in the district reflect the area’s military heritage in much of their work while a visit to Artist Alley provides an immersive, interactive experience for all. End your night in one of the district’s many restaurants, wineries, and breweries that highlight local artists and musicians.

Get to know “The O” Oceanside anthem.

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Oceanside Visitors Guide 2023

Sharing some O'side love with our Visitor guide.

Oceanside Visitors Guide 2023

Sharing some O'side love with our Visitor guide.

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