Awesome Moments from 2016

2016 was a BLAST!!! We can’t ring in the New Year without reminiscing about all of the awesome moments that we had in Oceanside last year.  What were some of your favorite memories while visiting Oceanside?  Share them with us by tagging #myoside on your favorite social media channels.  We can’t wait to see them! Thank you to everyone that shared their photos with us in 2016- keep them coming!


Celebrity Sightings

Yep! You are seeing this right. Actor Bill Murray stopped by Local Tap House to grab a bite to eat. 

We had a legend in the house for lunch today! Thanks for stopping by @_bill_murray_ #localtaphouse #oceanside

A photo posted by Local Tap House & Kitchen (@localtaphouse) on

Babies and Surfboards

Hold on tight little grom, you got this! Teach them young, that’s what I always say.

The Supermoon

Oh man! The photos taken during the #supermoon were so incredible.  This one was one of our favorites taken early in the morning over the Oceanside Pier.  Simply breathtaking! 

Unexpected Encounters

Well that was a ride I would NEVER forget!

Romantic Weddings

You may now kiss your bride…  

Launched Valentine’s Week

In February 2016, Oceanside debuted the inaugural Valentine’s Week celebration with lots of fun events and specials.  And an Oceanside celebration wouldn’t be complete without a 25 foot heart-shaped balloon!!!

Pure Shenanigans

They are having WAY too much fun!


Nothing is more magical than walking along The Strand and seeing huge bubbles floating through the air.

Hollywood Came to Oceanside

In case you missed it, the summer hit television drama Animal Kingdom was filmed right here in Oceanside! Filming for the second season starts back up in January, can’t wait to see what happens to the Cody Family!!!  

Surprise Proposals

Congratulations to O’side locals Eric and Bree as they had a memorable wedding proposal at the Oceanside Pier.

[vc_video link=””]

Say Cheese!

Before hitting the road for the Race Across America (RAAM) bike race, they needed just one more team photo. Love it!

Summer Concerts at the Pier

Nothing says summer better than a concert.  What made this concert so epic was it was right next to the Oceanside Pier! GET OUTTA TOWN! Totally awesome! 

Farm Fresh Dining

Supporting local farmers and serving up fresh, creative, and delicious meals was the anthem in 2016 for many Oceanside restaurants. 


With the Pacific Ocean as our backdrop, capturing a breathtaking view of water is a must while in Oceanside.  Whether you see the gorgeous turquoise blues during the day or the incredible pinks and yellows right at sunset, we sure are lucky to enjoy these incredible coastal views.

Published: December 13, 2016

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