San Luis Rey Bike Trail

The San Luis Rey Bike Trail is a class I bicycle trail open to pedestrians and cyclists. The trail is 10.7 miles, one way, from the coastal Neptune access (west end) to North Santa Fe Avenue (east end). The trail follows the path of the San Luis Rey River and provides riders with the opportunity to see the natural habitat of the region, including a variety of bird species. This relatively flat trail is safe for all age groups, is completely separate from motorized traffic and is free of stop signs and traffic lights.

Oceanside has a variety of bike trails that vary from leisurely, family-friendly rides to more endurance level routes. Each route gives you the opportunity to explore a different area of Oceanside and some routes also expand outside of the city borders to include the greater regions of San Diego and South Orange County. Click to explore the different Oceanside Bike Trails.

Fun Fact: Before the San Luis Rey Bike Trail was paved, it was once used as a private rail way by the military to move cargo along the river.


The San Luis Rey Bike Trail is a multi-use trail, which may be used for recreational purposes by other non-motorized uses; including hikers, runners and skaters. Please note that the trail is not open for class 3 electric modes of transportation including electric bikes or scooter capable of 20mph or over. The trail is also not intended for equestrian use. 

The west end of the trail is within a few blocks of the Oceanside Transit Center, allowing commuters an opportunity to travel to Oceanside on mass transit and explore Oceanside by bicycle.

San Luis Rey Bike Trail Map _ Oeanside CA USA

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