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So many ways to play.

Three miles of coastline, non-stop fun.

The perfect day begins with the perfect beach

Ask an O’side local about their favorite beach, and they’ll likely ask, “For doing what?” Yup, each locale has its own vibe and offers its own type of adventure, from beach walking and building sandcastles, to swimming and bodysurfing, to shredding gnarly waves. Whatever kind of beach mood you’re in, we’ve got a great beach for you.

Pier View South

The beach area south of the Oceanside Pier is Oceanside’s most popular beach. Surfing, body boarding and body surfing contests are held at the Oceanside Pier throughout the summer.

Tyson Street Beach

Also known as Tyson Street Park, this grassy, sandy spot is within walking distance of the Oceanside Pier. Bring some grub, spread your blanket, and have a picnic.

Wisconsin Street Beach

This local fave is located at Wisconsin Street and the south Strand, a one-way, southbound street that parallels the beach. There is a ramp just north of the lifeguard Tower 7 for beach access.

Oceanside Boulevard Beach

During the summer month, an area directly in front of the lifeguard tower (Tower 9) is designated for swimmers, waders and body boarders only. There’s more actual beach area here than at its neighbor, Buccaneer Beach.

Buccaneer Beach

Located in South O, Oceanside’s smallest beach with a lifeguard tower (Tower 11) is just across the street from Buccaneer Park and the ultimate surfside snack shack, locally loved Buccaneer Café.

Breakwater Way Beach

This is a quiet, family beach located just south of Oceanside Harbor, popular with surfers and volleyball players. Where the San Luis Rey River meets the ocean at the jetty, a sandbar is often formed that creates a good surf break.

Pier View North

North of the Oceanside Pier, the beaches have much more sand than those to the south, an ideal set up for quiet beachwalks or lounging with a book.

Harbor Beach

Oceanside’s largest beach offers everything from surfing to volleyball. At adjacent Oceanside Harbor, find the Marina Inn Hotel and a variety of shops.

Nearby Hotspots

Oceanside Pier

Even our pier is epic! At 1,942 feet, this historic icon is one of the longest wooden piers on the West Coast. Stroll, watch the surfers, chat with fishermen, or buy some bait of your own and sink a line.

Oceanside Harbor

Stand-up paddle through the marina, check out an IRL sea lion show (they love sunbathing on the boat slips), hop aboard a fishing charter or sunset cruise, or just shop and dine al fresco surrounded by the Harbor’s quirky scenery.

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Oceanside Visitors Guide 2023

Sharing some O'side love with our Visitor guide.

Oceanside Visitors Guide 2023

Sharing some O'side love with our Visitor guide.

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