Oceanside’s Spiritual Triangle

Oceanside is uniquely located in the center of three religious philosophies.

The Spiritual Triangle of Oceanside features the Prince of Peace Benedictine Abbey to the North, the Rosicrucian Fellowship to the West, and the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, a Franciscan Mission, to the East.

Prince of Peace Abbey Oceanside

Prince of Peace Abbey

The Benedictine Monks of the Prince of Peace Abbey belong to the Roman Catholic “Order of Saint Benedict” (The Benedictines). They have been in San Diego County since 1958 and are members of an uninterrupted tradition of more than 1,400 years. [Photo Source]

Rosicrucian Oceanside Mount Ecclesia

Rosicrucian Fellowship

Oceanside has been the Fellowship’s international headquarters since 1911. The Rosicrucian Fellowship began in 1909 after a course of lectures in Seattle by Mr. Max Heindel. The fellowship is open daily for meditation and retreats. The Fellowship also conducts a series of classes in esoteric Christianity in July and August.

Mission San Luis Rey

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, the “King of the Missions,” is the 18th and largest in a chain of 21 California Missions established by the Spanish Franciscans in 1798. The Mission also features an heirloom organic farm. The public is welcome to attend mass (English and Spanish available).