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More than just visitor information, did you know that the California Welcome Center – Oceanside features an in-house boutique boasting local artisan creations and Oceanside branded merchandise? The products offered are a great mixture of quick grabs for gifts, charming souvenirs, and high quality artisanal goods worthy of being displayed at home! So next time you find yourself in downtown Oceanside be sure to stop by and check out all the Welcome Center has to offer, including these awesome products!

Mikolich Family Honey

The Mikolich family has been in the bee business nearly 40 years. From a young age, Alan Mikolich kept bees in his backyard in Chula Vista.

In 1985, Alan and his wife Mary decided to go independent with their business. All three children have their hand in the bee business between pollination, extracting and sales. “The shift in today’s honey industry is rapidly changing the way we look at our business. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality honey in the area.  We have a variety of different locations that we harvest honey from. These range from Temecula (where we are located out of) to surrounding areas throughout San Diego County.”

Mikolich Family’s Sage Buckwheat (2016) and California Coastal Wildflower (2015) honeys received the national Good Food Award for Best West Coast Honey. Various flavors are available for purchase at the California Welcome Center, including Wild Buckwheat, Orange Blossom, and Local Wildflower in 2 oz and 12 oz sizes.

Oceanside Candle Company

Oceanside Candle Company was started in 2015 by Suzanne & Taylor Carr. The company was created after struggles with allergies and asthma prompted them to research why they would wheeze whenever their candles were lit. They discovered that a common petroleum based ingredient in candles, paraffin, has the same byproducts as diesel fumes, including at least 22 known toxins and carcinogens which create black soot when candles burn. After some searching the couple came across soy candles and began buying those pricey alternatives regularly. Quickly however, they realized that not all soy candles were created equally, many actually blended ingredients with paraffin and there is no law requiring candle companies to disclose their blends on the labels. Given the inconsistency of the soy candles they were purchasing in addition to their steep price, a decision was made to attempt to make their own candles with full transparency on what exactly was going into them.

All Oceanside Candle Company ingredients are naturally based from fragrance oils, soy wax with no dyes, and organic cotton Wicks. The glass jars can even be reused as vases, jewelry holders, q-tip holders, office accessories and succulent planters!

Oceanside Candle Company now has over 20 retailers including the California Welcome Center in Oceanside. They also participate in many local markets and seasonal events around town. To find a complete list of the classic and seasonal scents offered visit Oceanside Candle Company.

“Oceanside Adventures” – A Children’s Book

Sister co-authors Julia and Nancy Glen have teamed up to write a series of children’s books focused on the vibrant communities of Southern California, with Oceanside being featured as the subject of their first book! “We attempted to weave throughout this illustrated children’s book titled “Oceanside Adventures”, the history of Oceanside, current events and attractions to see. It’s all about an overall theme of acceptance, inclusion and kindness while bringing the story of Oceanside to life for children,” says Julia Glen.

Julia and Nancy are committed to supporting Oceanside businesses as well as literacy programs through this project. Their new book is available for purchase at several locations in Oceanside, including the California Welcome Center.

Alan Crosthwaite Photography

Alan Crosthwaite is a San Diego-Oceanside based photographer that specializes in landscapes, environmental photography, portraits, and corporate head shots. Alan is skilled in Photoshop re-touching and creating composite images. He is also an FAA certified Part 107 Remote drone pilot, and does commercial drone aerial photography and video work. 

View some of Alan’s spectacular photographs of the Oceanside Pier, Oceanside Harbor, Mission San Luis Rey and other local scenes on postcards and prints on canvas at the California Welcome Center.

First We Surf, Then We Eat

Jim Kempton has spent much of his life traveling and surfing across the globe. With his experience from working as the editor and publisher of Surfer magazine, the director of Quiksilver’s Crossing Project, the director of media for Billabong and the owner of the former Margarita’s Village, an award-winning regional Mexican restaurant in San Clemente, Jim has compiled not only stories of the best waves, markets, restaurants, adventures, and misadventures that he’s experienced from his travels, but also 90 recipes for how to cook some of the world’s best beach-loving dishes! In addition to his vividly colorful, richly flavorful and vibrantly healthful collection of favorites, the book also includes recipe additions from Dale Velzy, Bethany Hamilton, John “John” Florence, Rell Sunn, Donald Takayama and other legendary surfers as well as a foreward by Surfer’s Journal’s Steve Pezman!

Pick up a copy at the California Welcome Center, only a half mile from the California Surf Museum where Jim Kempton is the acting president.

Published: December 6, 2018

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