O’mazing Spots to Catch an O’side Sunset

One of Oceanside’s most beautiful qualities is the nightly sunset spectacular you can enjoy from all around town. A beautiful SoCal sunset really is a sight worth stopping for and taking in from start to finish. Looking for the perfect place to watch one of Oceanside’s legendary evening views? Well, the good news is, those beautiful skies have no bad angle. To help get you inspired, we’ve collected our top six amazing locations for you to relax and marvel at the color show unfolding before your eyes!

Oceanside Pier

Talk about photogenic! The 1,942 foot long Oceanside Pier serves as the perfect subject to pair with the spectacular Southern California sunsets. As one of the most iconic and longest wooden piers on the West Coast, the seemingly endless wood pilings stretch to the horizon bridging the gap between the ocean expanse, the fiery orange and purple sky, and the shoreline. Not only does the pier make for a great part of your sunset composition, it also enables you to shoot from a unique vantage point above the waves and far from the beach shore. Use this to your advantage and get a birds-eye view of the surfers with the orange sky over their shoulders, or shoot back at the city to capture the warm glow the sunset casts over everything in its path!

Oceanside Harbor

Featuring an array of sailboats and other vessels, the Oceanside Harbor also boasts its own intimate Small Craft Harbor Fishing Pier as well as a quaint New England style harbor village complete with a lighthouse! Stroll the waters edge anywhere along Oceanside’s Harbor and witness spectacular views of the sunset contrasted by a forest of vertical masts. You’ll find the reflection of boats on the water to be quite enchanting from every angle. Plus, if you want to capture a bit of wildlife in your sunset feature, you can snap a shot of sea lions basking at dusk and snuggling up with their herds.

Cassidy Street Bridge

A local favorite, this small pedestrian bridge crossing South Oceanside’s Cassidy Street is just steps from the beach sand. While there, you can enjoy a raised vantage point to view golden hour from or use the bridge itself as the subject of your picture! Believe it or not, some of the city’s most professional photographers have made this O’side landmark a go-to staple in their sunset location scouting, capturing the unique silhouette with a colorful sky. Grab some pictures as the sun begins to fade followed by a stroll on the beach in the colorful afterglow to create a true photo-worthy memory!

Beach House Winery

Oceanside’s beauty extends far beyond its coastal offerings. Inland valley provides a lush and dynamic landscape to enjoy as well! Situated in a Spanish-style villa atop a ridge east of town, Beach House Winery, a locally owned and operated business, provides an unparalleled panorama of the entire region for as far as the eye can see. As the sun begins to set, sit back and relax on their upper deck patio with an incredible glass of local vino to savor the moment with.

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Buena Vista Lagoon Trail

For a slightly more wild sunset experience put on your walking shoes and head to Buena Vista Lagoon, California’s only freshwater lagoon. While exploring the lagoon’s quarter-mile trail, you’ll spot a variety of local wildlife including Blue Heron, Horned Owls and more to join you in the end of the day spectacle! Hear nature’s song sing to a beautiful sunset backdrop painting the sky. Ask docents on site what floral varieties are blooming and what birds are available to view – as the changing scenes bring new species to see.

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Lighthouse Oyster Bar and Grill

Visit Lighthouse Oyster Bar and Grill in Oceanside’s Harbor Village, to experience a full-service restaurant with a prime location for watching the sun sink behind the horizon. Enjoy their delicious menu of Oyster shooters, Maine lobster, fresh fish and steak as you take in a gorgeous view of the sun’s final glow of the day. This restaurant is a phenomenal spot to enjoy a meal with the family, have a memorable date night or celebrate any occasion with a beautiful backdrop. 

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Snap & Share A Sunset

Pics or it didn’t happen! We want to see your stunning sunset moments in Oceanside. Selfies, family photos or date night photo opps are a definite must when it comes to enjoying an evening in Oceanside. Be sure to tag @VisitOceanside in your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #VisitOceanside for a chance to have your image featured. We can’t wait to marvel at the views with you and your loved ones. 

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