The History of St. Malo in Oceanside

Over several decades many residents and visitors alike have often wondered who lived beyond the gate at the end of Oceanside’s South Pacific Street. An impressive entrance allowed but a sneak peek into beautiful homes with unique architectural features.

Downtown Oceanside Historical Landmarks

With its origins dating back to 1888, the City of Oceanside has survived through some of the roughest times in the United States history ultimately blossoming into the vibrant and authentic city we know and love today. Our history is not all lost however, Oceanside still has numerous landmarks dating back well over a century that continue to contribute to the magic that makes our downtown so great. Check out these five special and historically significant landmarks that help make Oceanside, Oceanside.

2022 Oceanside Tourism Summit

The 2022 Oceanside Tourism Summit took place on May 24th at the Sunshine Brooks Theater. There members of the community, including local business owners as well as City Council, the Mayor and Congressman Mike Levin honored the resiliency and ingenuity of O’side businesses, and celebrated the recovery of tourism in the city.

Murals in Oceanside

Downtown Oceanside is the home to dozens of beautiful and striking murals which engage the community, and help to make our city more inviting and walk-able. Check out our rundown of a few of these murals, their artist’s backstories and our mural map which highlights each mural’s location!

What is Dredging?

Learn more about the dredging process and the benefits that this annual maintenance process has on the City of Oceanside!

Awesome Oceanside Events This April

April is here and Oceanside welcomes you with open arms! As the weather heats up and the flowers begin to cover the landscape come enjoy a variety of events that are sure to make your trip a memorable one! With activities and spectacles such as, the ever-popular First Friday: Art Walk, Harbor Wine Cruise & much more, there is something for everyone to enjoy here in Oceanside!

Spring Break in Oceanside

To all you Spring Breakers looking to catch a little fun in Oceanside – this one’s for you! Reset and refuel along our coastal city’s 3.5 miles of stunning beaches. Whether you’re looking to eat your heart out with some delicious dining, shop ’til you drop or get outside in O’side, there’s an adventure waiting for you Spring Break 2021.

The History of Roberts Cottages

Do you know the history behind the iconic pink houses along Oceanside’s beautiful coastline? Learn about Robert’s Cottages and their important part of Oceanside’s leisure travel history since the 1920’s!

Quick Hikes In & Around Oceanside

Are you looking for some quick hikes in and around Oceanside? If so, check out our handy-dandy overview of some easily accessible local trails and hikes that offer a chance to enjoy the great weather and natural beauty of Southern California without requiring a grueling and difficult trek! From the beautiful and smooth trails around Guajome Lake, to the 7.2 mile bike friendly San Luis Rey River Trail, to the nature reserve at Batiquitos Lagoon, there’s plenty of beautiful options to choose from!

Winter in Oceanside

Beat the “Winter Blues”! With year-round temps that will keep you in flip flops and a light sweater from January to December, Oceanside, CA does winter right for the beach goer and sun seeker!


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