The City of Oceanside, incorporated in 1888, is a municipal corporation and has a five-member elected City Council that serves as the legislative body of the corporation.  As elected officials, the Mayor and City Councilmembers serve at the pleasure of the voters and make decisions on issues and policies relating to general City operations.  Visit Oceanside works closely with the City of Oceanside council and staff members to ensure that the needs of our visitors are met.  City Council and Staff are invited to attend and present at Visit Oceanside Board Meetings, City staff have liaison positions within the Visit Oceanside Board of Directors and in true partnership, a Visit Oceanside representative sits on the Oceanside Economic Development Commission (EDC) to represent the tourism industry.  The close relationship between the City of Oceanside and the Visit Oceanside Conference and Visitors Bureau is important when discussing the future plans and vision for the community as a whole.