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The mission of the Oceanside Tourism Council (OTC) is to create a visitor-friendly community and unite tourism-related businesses to generate visitor spending in the City of Oceanside by focusing on sales, public policy, education, and marketing.

In addition to our daily mission, the OTC is involved with two initiatives we believe will have a dramatic impact on tourism in Oceanside.

Sustainable Tourism Master Plan

Growing tourism in a way that benefits the economy while also nurturing the environment and local community is essential to Oceanside’s on-going sustainability and health. To ensure this path forward, Visit Oceanside is collaborating with the City of Oceanside to develop a Sustainable Tourism Master Plan, which will provide a 10-year action plan for responsible tourism growth. The plan will identify an overarching vision as well as the steps for pursuing the experiences, infrastructure, product, and policies that will safeguard the long-term health of the destination and a high of quality of life for residents.

Plan recommendations will align with four pillars:

  • Environmental quality
  • Resident quality of life
  • Quality of economy
  • Visitor quality experience

Expected to be completed by late 2023, the plan will be developed in phases. The first phase of the plan will include a sustainability assessment, destination assessment, competitive analysis, and stakeholder engagement in the form of an online survey, focus groups and town halls. All city stakeholders, including residents and business owners, are encouraged to participate in public meeetings* and provide input.

  • January – March 2023: Resident survey, focus groups and town halls
  • April – June 2023: Town halls, data analysis and visioning workshop
  • July – September 2023: Plan development
  • October – December 2023: Plan completion and begin implementation

*The timeline will be updated with specific dates, times, and locations for public input opportunities as they become available.

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The agritourism strategic plan is currently in its first phase of implementation. This phase consists of a series of community workshops designed to build momentum by educating stakeholders and potential community partners that agritourism can be a viable way to generate incremental income for our local farmers to preserve agriculture as a way of life in South Morro Hills and sustain local food systems and composting infrastructure for future generations. The workshops will help guide an overall community vision plan for South Morro Hills. For the plan to be successful and realize its full potential, stakeholders will need community support and significant City investment.

Coast Highway Corridor Study

In 2009, the City of Oceanside adopted the Coast Highway Vision and Strategic Plan.  This plan serves as a blueprint for the revitalization and enhancement of the Coast Highway corridor between Harbor Drive in the north and Buena Vista Lagoon in the south.  The Vision and Strategic Plan includes several recommendations to transform Coast Highway from an auto-oriented thoroughfare into a “complete street” that serves all modes of transportation from automobiles to pedestrians to bicyclists and transit vehicles.

Beach Retention and Sand Replenishment

Visit Oceanside is actively working with local, regional, state, and federal authorities, to seek a solution which will protect and preserve our beaches from coastal erosion and winter storms.

Phase II of the Beachfront Improvement Feasibility Study explores potential improvements to the Junior Seau Beach Community Center, Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater/ Bandshell, and the pier plaza and public spaces in between.

Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater/ Bandshell & Community Center Improvements

South of the Junior Seau Amphitheater this project improves the restroom, police, lifeguard and maintenance operations facilities, as well as, improvements to beach access from Pacific Street and Mission Avenue, resident and visitor serving facilities, and storage and trash enclosures that support beach programs.

Proposed improvements include new restrooms near the amphitheater with 14 unisex single-stall toilets, restoration and conversion of 1930’s era bath house building to office space, relocation and reconstruction of sewer lift station. Also includes replacing public steps accessing the beach, concrete flat work, relocation of utilities, landscaping and site improvement.

El Corazon Development

An ongoing planning process begun in 2003 will eventually develop the site to contain the following mixture of land uses: parks and recreation (212 acres), habitat (164 acres), civic services (34 acres), Oceanside Boulevard commercial (25 acres), village commercial (19 acres), and hotel (11 acres).

Oceanside Visitors Guide 2023

Sharing some O'side love with our Visitor guide.

Oceanside Visitors Guide 2023

Sharing some O'side love with our Visitor guide.

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