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Oceanside Breweries 

San Diego County is home to a number of widely known, well-respected, and award winning craft breweries. Lucky for us, the craft beer craze has cruised up the coast and has taken root in Oceanside. Located along the western edge of San Diego’s “Hops Highway,” Oceanside is a craft beer powerhouse with eight craft breweries, and more on the horizon. Taprooms are also a big part of the local brew scene, featuring rotating regional beers and hosting tap take over events inviting customers to experience the unique flavors from regional brewers.

This brew-tastic beer scene is being spearheaded by local entrepreneurs looking to create fun, one-of-a-kind experiences where everyone wants to hangout. All connoisseurs of craft are invited to explore our incredible beer scene.



Bagby Beer Company- 2017 Winner Silver Award- Great American Beer Festival

A big congratulations to Oceanside’s incredible breweries that continue to bring home medals for their award winning brew!

2018 San Diego International Beer Competition

Gold Medal in Chocolate & Chili Beer Category: Belching Beaver Brewery
Gold Medal in European Lager Category: Bagby Beer Co.
Gold Medal in Scottish-style Ale Category: Legacy Brewing Co.
Gold Medal in Spiced & Specialty Mead Category: Golden Coast Mead
Silver Medal in Herb & Spice Beer Category: Breakwater Brewing
Silver Medal in Traditional Mead Category: Golden Coast Mead
Bronze Medal in American Wheat Ale Category: Bagby Beer Co.

2018 Great American Beer Festival

Gold Medal in Rye Beer Category: Breakwater Brewing Co.

2018 North American Beer Awards

Silver Medal in Sweet Stout Category: Belching Beaver Brewery

Craft Beer in Oceanside

With all of the amazing beer options available, where do you start? Of course, our favorite picks come from our hometown brewers, crafting their beers right here in good ‘ol Oceanside. With eight local brewers (and counting) just within our city limits, there is lots of variety to be had. San Diego is definitely known for its hoppy IPA brews, but have no fear, there are a variety of flavors and styles available for you to try.


Bagby Beer Company

Must Try:
Sweet Ride Bohemian-Style Pilsner

Belching Beaver Oceanside

Belching Beaver Brewery Oceanside

Must Try:
Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Black Plague Brewing Tasting Room

Black Plague Brewery

Must Try:
1347 IPA

Breakwater Brewing Co.

Breakwater Brewing Co.

Must Try:
Rye Dawn Brown Ale

Golden Coast Mead - Christmas Tree Mead

Golden Coast Mead

Must Try:
Something, Something, Sour Mead

Legacy Brewing Company Tasting Room

Legacy Brewing Company

Must Try:
That Guava Beer

Urge Oceanside Whiskey Bank and Mason Ale Works Brewery

Mason Ale Works

Must Try:
Red IPA Charlie Hustle

Northern Pine Brewing Beer

Northern Pine Brewing

Must Try:
Golden Horizons IPA

Beer Tasting

Oceanside Brewing Company

Must Try:
Summer Picnic Blonde Ale

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Beer Crawl Itineraries

Time to grab some friends and explore the local beer scene while experiencing the different neighborhoods throughout our beautiful city.  We have rounded up a collection of Oceanside’s best breweries, tap rooms, and gastropubs and have compiled them into five fun beer crawl itineraries to help get the tour started. Check out the Google Map above to see where the different establishments are located. Each itinerary is categorized by a different color, making it easy to see in what neighborhood your favorite Oceanside brewery or tap room is located. 

Don’t risk it! Remember to plan ahead and determine a designated driver or use a ride sharing service, such as UBER, to get you safely to and from each location.

Bagby Beer Company-License to Kilt

Coast Highway Crawl

Google Map Designation: Purple

The Coast Highway Crawl itinerary is a 2.5 mile stretch and includes the most northern taproom and southern brewery located along the historical 101, Coast Highway in Oceanside. There are many other restaurants and tasting rooms along the way, so you don’t have to worry about getting thirsty.  Mason Ale Works, Bagby Beer Company, and Breakwater Brewing Co. are all featured on this itinerary and brew right on-site.  Each have a restaurant component, so grab a seat, order some food, and take a sip of a locally brewed beer. 


barrel republic oceanside

Brews on Shoes

Google Map Designation: Orange

Explore the diversity of the beer scene in downtown Oceanside with the Brews on Shoes itinerary. If you’re hungry start with a local beer and some That Boy Good barbecue at Northern Pine Brewing, or beer and pizza from local hotspot Breakwater Brewing Company. The next stop is Mission Ave Bar and Grill to discover the over 20 California beers on draft.  The tasting opportunities are endless at the self-serving Barrel Republic Oceanside. Finally, relax and lounge in the outdoor garden of the Stone Brewing Company Tasting Room.

Legacy Brewing Oceanside

Back Alley Brews

Google Map Designation: Yellow

No, this is not a haunted or spooky selection of breweries and tap rooms…. Instead the Back Alley Brews itinerary includes Oceanside favorites that are just a little off of the beaten path.  Located near the Oceanside Airport and within (surfboard) Shaper’s Alley resides three brew-tastic options. Legacy Brewing Company and Oceanside Brewing Company both brew on-site, with rotating events, live music, and food trucks to keep you happy.  A tap room and provider of keg rentals, Tap That, is another fun spot for the beer lover in your life.  

Carla and Linda's Walking Food Tour Group Shot

South O Swing

Google Map Designation: Pink

Looking for the locals? Then the South O Swing is the perfect itinerary for you. The charming neighborhood of South Oceanside sports a fun and eclectic vibe and a guarantee that you will meet someone that just came in from catching a wave. Brewed right on site, enjoy the refreshing tastes from Mason Ale Works. A South O favorite is PCH Bar & Grill where you can enjoy a delicious juicy burger and cold beer while playing a friendly game of pool. For live music and one-of-a-kind craft cocktails, Pour House is where you will want to rest your feet.  

Midnight Jack Brewing Audacious Amber Ale Oceanside

Industrial Playground

Google Map Designation: Green

Fancy suits are not required in this business park district.  Let your hair down and the taps flow as you enjoy the local craft beer flavors.  Along this tour, you will get to experience the diversity in brewing styles and tastes as you hop from Golden Coast Mead to Belching Beaver Oceanside, and Black Plague Brewing. All of the venues hosts fun events throughout the week including trivia nights, video game challenges, live music and more. 

Scavenger Beer Tours

5 Day Trips From Oceanside

Looking for a unique way to experience and explore North County San Diego? Check out these five guided day trips you can take from right here in Oceanside, including a BBQ and beer safari, winery train tour and more!

Golden Coast Mead - Christmas Tree Mead

Oceanside Mead from Golden Coast Mead 

Did you know Oceanside is home to San Diego’s first meadery, Golden Coast Mead? Brewed right here in Oceanside, visitors can stop by the tasting room to sample their honey-based beverage and learn about their efforts to restore the honeybee population.