13 O’mazing Oceanside Zoom Backgrounds

Have you ever experienced Zoom fatigue? You know…the feeling that you can only sit at so many tables or couches around your house before you just get bored! We totally get it. We’ve all been there! To help make your next virtual team meeting, family happy hour or neighborly video call more O’riginal, we’re sharing our stunning Oceanside views straight to your screen. Enjoy the view!

Harbor Parade of Lights

Oceanside Harbor Parade of Lights

Christmas is only weeks away and the celebrations are underway. Mark your calendar to attend the annual Oceanside Harbor Parade of Lights. At this fun event, you will see boats of all shapes and sizes decorated in their finest holiday attire, including lights, ornaments, and lots of holiday trimmings. Not only are the boats decorated, but you might just find some captains dressed in their holiday best as well.

May Photo Recap | Oceanside Beauty

Featured Image: Alan Crosthwaite Oceanside, California… The quintessential place for gorgeous beach views, delicious food, and libations, paired with temperatures averaging around 70 degrees year-round; hard to compete with that! We truly are blessed to live amongst such beauty and culture, and in order to continue giving our beautiful beach community the appreciation it deserves,

5 Ideas For A Beachy Christmas

As a continuation of our previous Thanksgiving in Oceanside Beach Decorating Post, we are sharing our favorite beach Christmas ideas. Who says you have to have a white Christmas when you have the beach in your backyard! The holidays are fast approaching and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with embracing our coastal surroundings.

Oceanside: A Celebrity Hideaway

Featured Photo: Oceanside Historical Society, @oceansidehistoricalsociety Who knew there were so many celebrities that frequent Oceanside, who hide out here or have grown up here! Oceanside is just about an hour and a half from the craziness of Hollywood, so why not come down south a bit and enjoy the beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and