Oceanside Sandwiches Reign Supreme

What makes a simple sandwich speak to you? When all the ingredients —bread, meats, cheeses, veggies and spreads— combine to create the perfect balance of textures and flavors in a handheld meal. Think moisture versus crunch and good bread to filling ratio. Bread choice is critical. For example, rye bread is used in a classic Rueben because it can stand up to the boldness of corned beef, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing while fluffy brioche is a good choice for a lighter lobster salad. Great sandwiches also include spreads to the edge for maximum flavor. Read on to discover where to find sensational sandwiches in Oceanside.


The hefty Ranch Chicken Sandwich at Frazier Farms on Oceanside Blvd is served on sturdy country white bread. This sandwich is loaded with slices of hot chicken breast that taste fresh, not processed. Smoky bacon, creamy Munster and house made ranch dressing add more punch while tomato, onion and lettuce bring a delicious holy trio of nutritious crunch to this lunchtime feast. All of Frazier Farm’s 16 signature sandwiches are made to order at the deli counter by the market’s super friendly staff. In addition to meat forward options, there are several vegetarian and even vegan choices. Customer can also pick from a huge variety of ingredients to order custom sandwiches from the deli.


The Miller’s Table recently opened on South Coast Hwy 101 and is all about wine, wine flights, beer and small plate pairings. Here, Italian-inspired sandwiches are made with produce from local Cyclops Farms and bread from nearby Carlsbad’s artisan Prager Brothers bakery. The organic bread is shaped by hand and is big on both flavor and nutrition. In The Miller’s roast beef sandwich, grainy mustard and fresh horseradish work together to enhance the robustness of the meat rounded out by crisp arugula and oven-sweetened tomato. The suggested pairing is a Grenache. Another menu option is the Panini style grilled cheese of the day such as tangy cheddar with sweet balsamic braised figs that pairs well with a Nero D’Avola or Chardonnay. All sandwiches are served with tasty house made potato chips that are made fresh daily. The Miller’s Table dining room feels cozy and relaxed with a central communal table that encourages conversation.


Further South on Coast Hwy 101, The Privateer Marketplace & Wine Bar offers healthy sandwiches, salads, kombucha, coffee drinks, desserts and fresh grab & go items along with craft beer and fine wines. The Privateer Marketplace cures or smokes all meats in house, sources locally and also purchases bread from Prager Brothers. Sandwich standouts include the satisfying turkey, pastrami with house made sauerkraut and classic caprese. For a scrumptious side, try the zesty garlic bowtie pasta. The welcoming industrial chic dining room features a modern black and white motif that is softened by wood furnishings. Owner Charlie Anderson, who also owns Buccaneer Café and The Privateer Coal Fire Pizza, is passionate about building the Oceanside culinary community and following green-oriented business practices.




About the Author

Jolee Pink is an Oceanside-based writer, designer and artist. She runs the popular Eat Drink SD Facebook group and is also the organizer of North County’s premier, annual culinary arts event: Foodie Fest. Her Wabisabi Green lifestyle blog focuses on art, design, food and travel. For more information, please visit wabisabigreen.com.

Published: November 2, 2016

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