Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

“Come Visit, We’ve Been Expecting You”

Explore Exhibits: Encounter dinosaurs, experience nature, explore our dioramas, marvel at one of the most impressive gem and mineral collections in the world, and discover how Los Angeles came to be. And that’s just the beginning.

Special Exhibition: This Summer, 2016, discover Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs. Immerse yourself in this interactive exhibition and take off with these prehistoric kinds of the air who ruled the skies during the time dinosaurs dominated the land.

Butterfly Pavilion and Spider Pavilion: Seasonally, you can wander through the changing ecosystem with over 30 species of fluttering butterflies all around you, or witness arachnids up close and personal.

Nature: Stroll through the museum’s extensive Nature Gardens and get hands-on in their Nature Lab. The true stories about plants and animals in Los Angeles will surprise you.

Activities and Programs: Enhance your visit with daily offerings including Gallery Exploration Tours, or discover a new special event.

Click to discover additional information and updates on current exhibits at the Natural History of Los Angeles County.

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Natural History Museum

900 Exposition Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90007