gO’side Free Downtown Shuttle Program

Oceanside’s Ride g’Oside EV Shuttle Pilot Program Completion Date is December 6

Getting around town is about to get a whole lot breezier. The City of Oceanside and Visit Oceanside and are proud to present gO’side, your FREE ride to the best of O’side.

All summer long, you’ll see our electric shuttles cruising the streets daily from 10am to 10pm, keeping the good times rolling from morning till night.

Next time you need a ride, simply flag down a shuttle or request one ahead of time through the “Ride Circuit” app. It’s clean, efficient and best of all, it’s 100% free.


This pilot program is scheduled to run through November 2022, from Oceanside Harbor south to Vista Way in the area west of Interstate 5. More information is available at www.ridegoside.com.

How To Download The “Ride Circuit” App

1. Click on the iOS or Android photos below or search “Ride Circuit” in your app store

2. Download the “Ride Circuit” app and Sign Up

3. Choose “Oceanside” under “Locations”

4. Start your free rides!

gO'side Shuttle
gO'side Shuttle Map
gO'side Shuttle