Surfing in Oceanside

Nothing says Southern California like surfing! At any point during the day, no matter the time of year, there’s a good chance surfers will be out enjoying the water while waiting to catch their next wave, and Oceanside is no different. Boasting over 3.5 miles of beaches, there is no shortage of great spots to paddle out from including the Oceanside Harbor, the Oceanside Pier, the surrounding beach breaks and more. 

In the Encyclopedia of Surfing, Oceanside is referred to as “one of Southern California’s most consistent surf spots.” It’s no surprise then that countless professional and leisure surfers come specifically to Oceanside to surf. The consistent waves coupled with our local surf culture and old school beach vibe truly make Oceanside a special place to be.

Surfing has also expanded into many other facets of the community, manifesting itself through local surf shops, surf camps/lessons and even custom surf board shaping. In fact, dozens of surf board manufacturers have set up shop in “Shaper’s Alley” located in a business district just about three miles from the coast in Oceanside!  

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Experience Local Surf Culture

Surf related fun goes beyond the waves. Check out these 3 ways to experience local surf culture.

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Surf Contests

Home to incredible year-round surf, check out our list of signature elite and amateur surf contests. 

Surfboard Shaping

Local Surfboard Shapers

Oceanside has been at the forefront of surfboard design and manufacturing since the 1950s, check out the dozens of surfboard manufacturers that call O’side home.

North County Surf Academy

5 Tips To Improve Your Surfing Skills

The ocean is a powerful playground, so staying alert and being reactive to mother natures changing swells is key.  Here are 5 Tips to Improve Your Surfing Skills. 


Oceanside Pier

The Oceanside Pier is a surfing hot spot in Oceanside, featuring great waves on both the north and south side of the Pier on any given day, year round. This location is particularly popular for locals, and can get crowded when the waves are great!

Oceanside Harbor

The Oceanside Harbor features an expansive sandy beach with two large jetties on either end making for a great location to not only take in the sun, but also catch large waves! Due to the overall size of the beach this spot offers room for more surfers than the Pier.


California Surf Museum

Interested in learning more about the history of surfing or more about the surf culture?  Look no further than the California Surf Museum located in downtown Oceanside. This family-friendly museum has a stunning collection of surfboards showcasing the progression of materials used by surfers from around the world.  Additionally, the California Surf Museum has the permanent exhibit featuring the infamous Bethany Hamilton shark-bitten surfboard.

The museum actively collects, documents and preserves surfing related artifacts and memorabilia.  Through a series of rotating exhibits, the California Surf Museum presents the many facets of this dynamic local culture.




With great weather and consistent surf conditions, Oceanside is home to year-round surf contests. The contests range from youth to professional and can be a hot spot for famous and up-and-coming stars in the surf community. 

Oceanside is well-known for its signature events including the USA Champtionships and Team Trials (June), Super Girl Surf Pro (July), Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club Contest (August), World Bodysurfing Championships (August), and the US Open Adaptive Surfing Championships (September).  

Check out a complete list of all of the surf contests held in Oceanside! Surfs Up!