Surfing in Oceanside CA

Surfing in Oceanside

Nothing is more Southern California than surfing. At any point during the day, year-round, you are sure to spot a surfer in the water waiting to catch their next wave.

In the Encyclopedia of Surfing, Oceanside is referred to as “one of Southern California’s most consistent surf spots…,” which is why Oceanside, CA is home to countless professional and leisure surfers. With over 3.5 miles of beaches in Oceanside, there are many fun spots to paddle out including the harbor, pier area, and surrounding beach breaks.  With good swell exposure, you can usually find something to surf at most points in the year.

Oceanside has an old school beach vibe, highlighting that surfing is not just a passion, it is a way of life and a part of the local culture.

Surfing expands into many facets of the community including into many local surf shops, surf instructors and even custom surf board shaping.  Dozens of surf board manufacturers have set up shop in “Shaper’s Alley” located in a business district just about 3 miles from the coast.

California Surf Museum

California Surf Museum Oceanside CA Bethany Hamilton exhibit


Interested in learning more about the history of surfing or more about the surf culture?  Look no further than the California Surf Museum located in downtown Oceanside. This family-friendly museum has a stunning collection of surfboards showcasing the progression of materials used by surfers from around the world.  Additionally, the California Surf Museum has the permanent exhibit featuring the infamous Bethany Hamilton shark bitten surfboard.

The museum actively collects, documents and preserves surfing related artifacts and memorabilia.  Through a series of rotating exhibits, the California Surf Museum presents the many facets of this fervent culture.

312 Pier View Way
Oceanside, CA 92054

Popular Surf Spots


Oceanside Pier

The Oceanside Pier is the best place to surf in Oceanside. Even in summer, Oceanside Pier produces very fun and shapely Oceanside waves. Both sides of the pier are very popular and on a good day can be quite crowded. But most of the time there is good surf right around the pier.


Oceanside Harbor

Oceanside Harbor is a popular place to surf due to the large jetties.  The jetties not only collect sand to create wide, sandy beaches, but help create large waves for the surfers.

Surf Shops & Board Rentals

Surf Lessons

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