Oceanside Pier

Standing 1,942 feet long, the historical Oceanside Pier is one of the most iconic landmarks in our city! Loved by visitors and locals alike, the wooden pier is the perfect location to take a leisurely stroll, go fishing or watch surfers.

Since it’s original construction in 1888, the Pier continues to serve as the backdrop for signature O’side events, including concerts and performances at the outdoor amphitheater, surf competitions, the IRONMAN triathlon and more. From morning until evening, the Pier is also a great spot to enjoy our coastline’s natural beauty while taking in views of wildlife, the glistening Pacific Ocean and of course those breathtaking Oceanside sunsets!

Whatever may bring you to Oceanside, the Pier is without a doubt the perfect spot to go for that next O’side memory.

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Oceanside Pier July 1927

Oceanside Historical Landmark

The Pier has been an icon in Oceanside since the city’s inception, with the first iteration being constructed shortly after the city incorporated in 1888. In total there have been 6 different pier structures, with the present version being completed in 1987. Throughout its lengthy history the pier has always provided a backdrop for decades worth of photographs memorializing trips to our slice of SoCal heaven.

Fishing Catch from the Oceanside Pier | Oceanside, CA

Pier Fishing

Looking for a new spot to cast out your line? Fishing from the Oceanside Pier is an excellent option, no matter your skill level! With no fishing license required and ample space, take advantage of the Pier’s length to catch a variety of fish in both shallow and deep water. There’s even a bait shop located in the middle of the Pier that offers rod rentals, fishing tackle, bait, snacks and more!


To fully experience the Pier you’re going to need to find a parking spot! Located right off downtown Oceanside, the Pier is easily accessible from a number of convenient parking locations allowing for just a short walk from your car to the Pier. The wide variety of lots differ in size, pricing and hours so be sure to reference the City of Oceanside Parking Map for a complete overview of parking in Oceanside.

For parking help at a glance, check out the map below with recommended lots for parking by the Pier highlighted. 

PS           290 Seagaze Drive

                Free Parking 


PS23       375 North Cleveland

                Metered Parking


24            224 Pier View Way

                Metered Parking

24B         300 North Myers Street

                Metered Parking


26           102 South Myers Street

               Metered Parking


27           200-700 South Myers Street

               Metered Parking

28           351 North The Strand

               Metered Parking


29           350 North The Strand

               Metered Parking


30           101 North The Strand

               Metered Parking

34           320 North Tremont Street

               Four hour free parking 8am-6pm


35           218 North Tremont Street

               24-hour lot

               Two hour free parking 8am-9pm