Golfing in Oceanside

Oceanside has more to offer than its amazing beaches — its golf game is a hole in one! There are plenty of great golf courses in Oceanside, California to work on your game.

Oceanside golf courses are temporarily closed. For more information on closures visit




Arrowood Golf Course

Golf Course & Driving Range


El Camino Country Club

Golf Course


Emerald Isle Golf Course

Golf Course & Driving Range


Oceanside Golf Course

Golf Course & Driving Range

Marine Memorial Golf Course

Marine Memorial Golf Course

Golf Course & Driving Range


John Ashworth, Golf Icon

Meet O’riginal O’sider John Ashworth as he shares his passion for golf and the local community. John will give you a behind the scenes look at a day in his life in Oceanside from Goat Hill Park to his Linksoul apparel headquarters. 

Northern Pine Brewing Beer

Oceanside Breweries

San Diego County is home to a number of award winning craft breweries. Our favorite picks come from our hometown brewers, crafting their beers right here in good ‘ol Oceanside! With eight local brewers there is lots of variety to be had.