Event Calendar Submissions

The Oceanside Event Calendar is one of the most viewed pages on the Visit Oceanside Conference and Visitors Bureau website.  Potential visitors and locals alike use this event calendar as a resource to stay aware of the special events and activities that happen in Oceanside, CA. Some travelers are looking for current dates for their favorite annual event, while others are seeking new experiences for their upcoming vacation. We are always interested in learning about new events and celebrations that will enhance the visitor experience. 

This service is complimentary to community partners to feature an event on the event calendar.

The following list outlines the general preferences that Visit Oceanside is looking for with event submissions. This is just a guideline. Should you have any questions about submitting an event or what type of event is preferred for the Oceanside Event Calendar, please contact events@visitoceanside.org.

This event calendar is tailored towards enhancing the visitor experience, so please submit unique Oceanside events that are open to the public and would be fun for a visitor to attend. These types of events include: 

  • Oceanside events organized to appeal to visitors from outside of the area
  • Prominent events open to the public
  • Events that highlight the city’s character and local personality
  • Seasonal / Holiday events
  • Cultural events and celebrations

We love all community events, but for the purpose of this calendar, we generally do not publish the following types of events:

  • Events closed to any segment of the general public
  • School or college events
  • Civic, club and community meetings, conferences and activities
  • Family or class reunions
  • Retail sales or yard sales that are not directly associated with a special tourism event
  • Special admission deals, meals, or offerings
  • Fundraising events
  • Regular business offerings or hours of operation
  • Ribbon Cutting Celebrations
  • Grand Opening or Anniversary Events

Please complete the event submission form at least 2 weeks prior to your event, the earlier the better!

All submissions must include an event photo, location information, an exciting event description about your event explaining why your event is unique, and a link for additional information.

If you submit an event and your event is later changed or cancelled, please contact Visit Oceanside immediately so that we can update the calendar. 

Please send an email with your changes to Visit Oceanside Marketing Coordinator, Tanner Yates tanner@visitoceanside.org

No, your event will not immediately appear on the calendar after it has been submitted.

A member of the Visit Oceanside team reviews and approves each event before it will be added to the live calendar. Please allow 3-5 business days for event review and approval. 

Approval/rejection of all submissions is at the sole discretion of Visit Oceanside, which reserves the right to edit or refuse any event submission. Please review the list of suggested eligible events before submitting your event.

By submitting event information to Visit Oceanside, the photography and event information may also be used within other marketing and public relations efforts, including but not limited to inclusion within related blog and social media posts. Additional exposure is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of Visit Oceanside.

Date and Time


It appears next to the event time on the Single Event Page. You can enter notes such as the timezone name in this field.


Custom Days Repeating

Add certain days to event occurrences. If you have a single day event, start and end dates should be the same, If you have a multiple day event, the start and end dates must match the initial date. Read More

:label: x
  • First
    • Mon Mon.1-
    • Tue Tue.1-
    • Wed Wed.1-
    • Thu Thu.1-
    • Fri Fri.1-
    • Sat Sat.1-
    • Sun Sun.1-
  • Second
    • Mon Mon.2-
    • Tue Tue.2-
    • Wed Wed.2-
    • Thu Thu.2-
    • Fri Fri.2-
    • Sat Sat.2-
    • Sun Sun.2-
  • Third
    • Mon Mon.3-
    • Tue Tue.3-
    • Wed Wed.3-
    • Thu Thu.3-
    • Fri Fri.3-
    • Sat Sat.3-
    • Sun Sun.3-
  • Fourth
    • Mon Mon.4-
    • Tue Tue.4-
    • Wed Wed.4-
    • Thu Thu.4-
    • Fri Fri.4-
    • Sat Sat.4-
    • Sun Sun.4-
  • Last
    • Mon Mon.l-
    • Tue Tue.l-
    • Wed Wed.l-
    • Thu Thu.l-
    • Fri Fri.l-
    • Sat Sat.l-
    • Sun Sun.l-
Occurrences times

The event will finish after certain repeats. For example if you set it to 10, the event will finish after 10 repeats.Read More

Countdown Method


Event Data

Exceptional Days (Exclude Dates)

Exclude certain days

Exclude certain days from event occurrence dates. Please note that you can exclude only single day occurrences and you cannot exclude one day from multiple day occurrences. Read More

:val: x

Hourly Schedule

Add new days for schedule. For example if your event is multiple days, you can add a different schedule for each day!

New Day

Add new hourly schedule row

Event Main Location


Choose one of saved locations or insert a new one.Read More

eg. City Hall

eg. City hall, Manhattan, New York


Latitude and Longitude are parameters that represent the coordinates in the geographic coordinate system. You can find your venue's Latitude and Longitude measurments via the link below. Get Latitude and Longitude

Remove image

Other Locations

You can select extra locations in addition to main location if you like.

Event Main Organizer


Choose one of the saved organizers or insert a new one.Read More

eg. John Smith

eg. +1 (234) 5678

eg. john@smith.com

eg. https://webnus.net

eg. Website name or any text

Remove image

SEO Schema

Following statuses are for informing search engines (Google, bing, etc) about your events so they can manage your events better. Therefore you can use these statuses to be more Search Engine Friendly.

For active events!

If you postponed an event then you can use this status!

If you cancelled an event then you should select this status!

For the events that moved online!

Note to reviewer

Event Cost