Buccaneer Beach


Buccaneer Beach is Oceanside’s southern most public beach with Carlsbad a mile to the south. The beach is Oceanside’s smallest beach with one lifeguard tower. Across the street is Buccaneer Beach Park, a great place to enjoy the sunset and scenic view up and down the coast.




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Beach Tips


  • This is Oceanside’s smallest beach.
  • Lifeguard Tower: 11 is on location.
  • Buccaneer is quiet and family friendly.
  • During summer months, water directly in front of lifeguard tower and between the rocks that border the neighboring homes is designated for swimmers, waders and bodyboarders only.
  • Area outside of flags is open to surfing and all other types of water activity.
  • Buccaneer Park features a large grass area, jungle gym, basketball court, picnic tables, barbecue grills, gazebo, restrooms, shower, snack bar and public telephone.
  • Free parking lot at the park.