O’side Desserts

Tasting devilishly celestial by SoCal design, Oceanside’s sugar chefs serve pastries encompassing a universe of sweets. You really won’t know where to start because the choices are dizzying. Regulars have even remarked how O’side’s pastry masters beat the stuff made in Paris. Pining for a chunky bite of hoity-toity European chocs? You’ll find it here. Need an overdose of dreamy ice’d cream confectioneries? Slip your flip-flops on and let’s do the go get. Our dessert houses make their delights from scratch. Just like back in the old country, in the days before the conveyor belt blandness of vats and spewing smokestacks. So put your dessert face in place. It’ going to be a creamy, dessert-filled ride via Oceanside. Enjoy.

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