San Diego Surf provides a fun and safe surfing experience for everyone ages 7-70. Operating at Oceanside Harbor Beach,  surfing lessons and mini camps take place daily at 8am, 10am, and 12pm. Private parties or celebrations are also offered daily from 3pm-7pm for groups that book ahead. Instruction will take place on the Harbor Beach sand where you will learn about ocean safety, getting out into the waves, paddling, balancing, popping up and smiling! San Diego Surf teaches everything from the basics, to fundamentals through intermediate levels. The maximum number of surfers allowed in the water at one time is 5. If a customer wants they can choose to have their own private surf camp with just them and the instructor. Customers are also allowed to do walk ups and register at the beach, but if they don’t know you are coming they may be in the water or at another break. If their tent is there, hang out, they’ll be back soon.

Oceanside Harbor Lot 10
1206-1342 N Pacific St
Oceanside, CA 92054