Department of Harbor and Beaches

  • Glass : All glass containers are prohibited
  • Alcohol : Alcohol is prohibited on all City beaches, jetties, the pier, and all parking lots.
  • Dogs : All dogs are prohibited on all City beaches throughout the year. You may walk your dog on a leash on The Strand.
  • Fire Rings : Fires are allowed in designated City fire rings ONLY. No fires are allowed from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. daily. There is no curfew on fire rings at Harbor Beach. All wood must be no longer than 30 inches in length and must not be allowed to rise above the height of the fire ring more than 2 feet. You must attend your fire at all times. Any unattended wood will be removed and disposed of. No chemically treated wood is allowed. The use of pallets is forbidden. Do not cut or break apart wood on the beach, street, walkways, or parking areas. When finished, extinguish embers or fires with WATER ONLY – NOT SAND! If you wish to bring your own barbecue, it must be elevated off the ground. Coals must be removed or disposed of in the hot-coal container located at Tyson Street Park, or Harbor Lot 12 on Harbor Beach, or in a fire ring.
  • Swimming and Surfing Areas : All swimming and body boarding areas are marked with a black-and-yellow checkered flag. If you wish to surf with a hard surfboard you must be outside of this area. A yellow flag with a black dot identifies a swimming-only area.
  • Camping : Overnight camping is allowed in the Harbor Beach area in Lot 11B year round. Lot 12 mid- September to mid- May only.
  • Pier Regulations : No dogs, alcohol, glass containers, bike riding, roller blading, overhead casting, sitting on the rails, or jumping off the pier. When in the water, you must remain at least 100 feet away from the pier at all times. Paddling through or shooting the pier on a surfboard is prohibited.
  • Picnic Areas : All picnic areas and fire rings are first-come, first-served. You cannot hold your spot with a “Beach Chair”; there must a person standing by.
  • Unloading and Loading a Vehicle: Parking your car on the strand is prohibited at all times. If you wish to load and unload your vehicle, you may use a turnaround, such as the one at “Surfrider” and The Strand.