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5 Day Trips From Oceanside

Southern California is hailed as one of the premiere locations to visit in the United States, and with its beautiful diverse landscape and the seemingly endless list of things you can do here it’s no wonder! This great reputation is often asterisked however by the traffic and confusing road systems that are required to reach wherever you might want to go. For visitors and locals alike, sometimes the stress is simply not worth it; you might just want to relax and not worry about which freeway to take, which exit to look out for, and instead just enjoy the destinations. If that sounds appealing to you (and it should) keep reading! Below are five great guided tours you can do starting from right here in Oceanside!

#1: A Chauffeured Tour of 3 Local San Diego Wineries

Wine Pouring

Offered by San Diego Beer and Wine Spirits Tours, this fun guided excursion starts with a scenic train ride along the coast from the Oceanside Transit Center to the Sorrento Valley station in San Diego. From there your chauffeur will pick you up and take you on a tour of 3 local San Diego Wineries with VIP wine tasting (about 18 different wines), behind the scenes tours of the wine-making process, extravagant fruit and cheese platter pairings and an early dinner overlooking the winery grounds. This is the perfect tour for those looking for a tasty adventure that includes learning about the locally grown grapes and wines while enjoying some of the best vino that San Diego has to offer! Once your tour is over you will be dropped back off at the Sorrento Valley station where you can jump on the next available train back to Oceanside where you began. For more information including booking and available dates visit Chauffeured San Diego Winery Tour.

#2: A Beer & BBQ Safari (North County or Downtown San Diego)

Scavenger Beer Tours

If Beer and BBQ is more your style look no further than Brewery Tours San Diego and their Scavengers Beer Adventures. These tours take you to a selection of 3 local breweries and end with an included delicious BBQ lunch. What really makes these trips special and unique however is that you will be chauffeured in a 6 wheel drive Swiss Army military vehicle known as a Pinzgauer! With open air bench seating, this is the perfect way to get the full Southern California coastal experience, complete with refreshing ocean breezes! These fun beer and BBQ safaris are offered in both Downtown San Diego and North County San Diego, with unique brewery options and stops available for each.

Scavenger Beer Tours

Downtown San Diego

If you’d prefer to tour Downtown San Diego the Scavenger pickup is located at the Old Town Transit Center in San Diego. To get there from Oceanside hop on the train at the Oceanside Transit Center and enjoy a relaxing train ride to your destination. Once there head to the meetup location on the corner of Congress St. and Taylor St right outside the train station. This tour will include ice cold cans of craft beer to drink on the Pinzgauer, 3-4 tasters at each of the 3 San Diego craft brewery stops, a behind the scenes tour at one brewery, a “beer geek” tour guide, a mouthwatering meal from Phil’s BBQ, and a Scavengers souvenir tasting glass! For more information including booking and available dates visit Downtown San Diego Brewery Tours.

Scavenger Beer Tours North County

North County San Diego

If you’d rather stay more local and partake in the fantastic breweries available within the famed Hops Highway, simply drive about 10 minutes south into Carlsbad and park at the Carlsbad Village Train Station where there is free parking all day. Here marks the starting location where you will be picked up for your tour in the Pinzgauer! Beginning with ice cold cans of craft beer to enjoy during the drive, this tour includes 3 stops at local North County breweries, 3-4 tasters at each stop, a behind the scenes tour at one brewery, a “beer geek” tour guide, a delicious BBQ meal, and a Scavengers souvenir tasting glass! For more information including booking and available dates visit North County / Carlsbad Brewery Tours.

#3: A Winery Train Tour

Amtrak Oceanside

If you like the idea of seeing the stunning California coast from the comfortable seat of a train, and want that to be a bigger component of your trip, San Diego Beer and Wine Spirit Tours also offers a Winery Train Tour with up to 5 different possible routes to choose from, depending on the day you book. These tours include VIP wine tastings at urban wineries with roughly 15 different tastes of local wines, a behind the scenes view of the wine making process, a light Italian luncheon with fine wine pairings, and a total of 1-1.5 miles of guided historic walks at various locations along the way.

All available Winery Train Tour routes can be reached directly from the Oceanside’s Transit Center, where you and your party can board a train and head south to meet up with your tour guide for the day. A sample route might include going from the Oceanside Transit Center to the Carlsbad Village station at 1:50pm. This particular tour would end in Old Town San Diego at 7pm, where you and your party can easily take a train back up to Oceanside.

Another possible route would be a tour starting in Old Town San Diego at 12:15pm, which would require taking a train from the Oceanside Transit Center to the Old Town Transit Center for the start of your tour. This tour would end at 5:30pm in Carlsbad village where you can take the train directly back up into Oceanside.

Regardless of your chosen route there is no need to worry about being a newcomer to the transit system, a tour guide will be there every step of the way to help you and your party get to where you need to go! For more information including booking and available dates visit Winery Train Tour.

#4: San Diego County Food, Farm and Libation Tours

Bride Tribe at Cyclops Farms Epicurean San Diego

For those that value all things local and sustainable, Epicurean San Diego Food Farm and Libation Tours offers a diverse selection of restaurants, organic farms, breweries, wineries, coffee roasters, and more to tour throughout San Diego County. Each stop is carefully selected so that every tour showcases the ultimate food and beverage experience complete with delicious tastings from local sustainable businesses, an included full lunch, site tours, and even educational demos. There are numerous experience options available to choose from, with tours ranging from three hours to six hours and two stops to four stops. In addition, one-off tours are also available for those that would like a more customized experience. The four main tour route options are as follows:

#5: A Day Tripper Tour

If you are interested in tours geared towards specific locations or events such as Paramount Pictures Studios, the Getty Center, local seasonal festivals, or even Historic Orange for an antiquing adventure, Day Tripper Tours is an excellent choice. As a one stop shop for motor coach excursions, Day Tripper Bus Tours offer numerous destination choices and plenty of pickup locations including Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Escondido, and more. For a list of all of the tours currently available that have pickup locations in Oceanside visit Day Tripper Tours Oceanside.

Bonus: Fun Events and Activities in Oceanside

Oceanside is much more than just a tour starting point, Oceanside is a Southern California hub for year round events and activities, whether it be artists performing at the Sunset Market every Thursday, comedy shows being performed weekly by local comedians, athletic events and competitions taking place throughout the year, or musicians playing almost nightly at the fantastic variety of local restaurants, breweries and bars located throughout the city. No matter what your preference, there is sure to be something for you to enjoy right here in Oceanside. To learn more about these events and activities click below!