BevMo! stores provide an inviting and entertaining environment. Friendly, product-knowledgeable salespeople offer customers individual service and advice as they explore the store’s vast product offering. There is a strong element of fun and discovery as customers sample wines, beers and specialty foods, often in tandem with personal appearances by noted winemakers.

D’Vino Café & Wine Bar

D’Vino Café & Wine Bar offer an array of exquisite wines to choose from along with treats like authentic Italian pastries. The newly remodeled interior is very tasteful with a sleek bar and sophisticated décor. There is also an outdoor patio for dining, accommodating up to 28 guests. However, the pièce de résistance are the beautiful,

Oak Riparian Park

Oak Riparian Park, located at 4625 Lake Boulevard connects to over 6.4 miles of trails via Carlsbad’s Calavera Trail System, providing access to the Lake Calavera Trails. Other access point can be located in the City of Carlsbad. For more information on this and other Carlsbad trails,

Tap That

Tap That Draft Beer Service Tap That, a San Diego kegerator rental and sales company that offers convenience and cost-savings to everyone who enjoys icy cold draft beer. We provide the equipment and expertise as well as offer a great selection of kegs. They provide the equipment, the expertise, and most importantly, the BEER! With


Hydrobrew If you are a beer enthusiast looking to learn how to brew, Hydrobrew is the place for you. Located in Oceanside, California, Hydrobrew is North County San Diego’s destination of choice for supplies for homebrewing and hydroponics alike. In addition to a complete line of equipment and ingredients for home production of beer, mead, or