Golden Coast Mead

Golden Coast Mead is a Mead brewery that supports efforts to expand the prosperity of the bee. They offer an adult beverage that is made from honey and water. Golden Coast Mead’s Mirth in a Bottle is a delicious, balanced, semi-sweet orange blossom honey mead. With an intriguing and balanced character combining citrus, ambrosia, flowers, honey, and vanilla, you’ll want to share it with your friends. Their goal is to provide you this delicious and exciting alternative to beer, wine, and cider. Golden Coast Mead has Tasting Room Hours on Friday 2-8, Saturday 1-7, and Sunday 12-5.
Yelp: “Had a 6 oz chalice of savage and it was absolutely amazing. Will be coming here often as these guys continue to grow and branch out with some awesome recipes. Was helped by Ryan and Alex and they were just as friendly as they were knowledgeable. If you’ve never had mead this is amazing place to start and if you are already a mead fan then this is definitely the place for you.”

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4089 Oceanside Blvd, Suite H
Oceanside, CA 92056