Holiday Gifts and Bucket List Musts

Give the gift of an experience. Now more than ever, “time” has become such a precious and cherished commodity. We all live such crazy and busy lives, that when we have the opportunity to relax and unwind, spending time with those that we love the most and creating once-in-a-lifetime memories with them, has become our most prized possessions. As we embark on the holiday season, take a moment to truly think about your loved ones and consider what it would be like to give a “gift of experience” this holiday season. Remind your friends and family what it is like to use their phone to take adventure-filled photos instead of checking endless work emails. The Oceanside Experiential Gift Guide is a sampling of bucket list worthy experiences that are all within easy reach and sure to be favorite gifts for years to come.

Sunset Whale Watching Harbor Cruise

Sunset Whale Watching Harbor Cruise Loved ones can enjoy a vibrant Southern California sunset while on a whale watching cruise with Oceanside Adventures Luxury Cruises. The state-of-the-art catamaran provides optimal viewing of sea life, with both covered and open areas and seating throughout. The special Oceanside Valentine’s Week cruises will run from 4pm-6pm* with discount pricing