Race Across America (RAAM and RAW)

Visit Oceanside welcomes Race Across the West (RAW) and Race Across America (RAAM) to Oceanside

Race Across America (RAAM) is one the most respected and longest running endurance sports events in the world. RAAM is seen as a pinnacle of athletic achievement not only in cycling circles but the greater sporting community as well. Racers must traverse 3000 miles across 12 states and climb over 170,000 vertical feet. Team racers have a maximum of nine days and most finish in about seven and a half days. Teams will ride 350-500 miles a day, racing non-stop. Solo racers have a maximum of 12 days to complete the race, with the fastest finishing in just over eight days. Solo racers will ride 250-350 miles a day, balancing speed and the need for sleep. Please visit the Race Across America website for more information.

The Race Across the West (RAW) is one of the world’s top RAAM Qualifying events. Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO – 860 miles across the rugged American West. Participants cross the Coast Range, Imperial Dunes, Monument Valley and finish in the San Juan Range of SW Colorado. The RAW route follows the RAAM route to Durango. Both the RAAM and RAW racers are on the course at the same time making it a perfect way to see how you might do racing RAAM. Please visit the Race Across the West website for more information.

Welcome to Oceanside!

Welcome athletes, friends, family and fans of Race Across America! Oceanside is excited to have you have back for this world-renowned event. Conveniently located between San Diego and Los Angeles, Oceanside makes for the perfect home base while you explore all that Southern California has to offer.

Request an Oceanside Visitors Guide before you get here to learn about what makes Oceanside such a wonderful and unique Southern California beach community.

With 3 miles of shoreline and dozens of local restaurants and shops, Oceanside makes for the perfect destination to stay in while preparing for your race.  Take a relaxing walk along the beach or stroll along the Oceanside Pier – standing at an incredible 1,942 feet long!

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